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My coaches are here to help you. They are available 24/7 365 to make sure you have all of the resources you need to tackle your fitness goals. We at Nutrition53 are committed to helping our communities become Healthier and Happier. So please do not hesitate to ask any question.

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Sharon Polsky

N53 Head Coach

Questions for Our Coaches???

Dear Coaches, How much water should I drink each day....

Hi Mary, thanks for writing. Ideally you want to drink 4 liters/1 gallon per day but you may need to work up to that. If you are currently drinking just 1 small bottle per day then increase that to 4 bottles per day. Sincerely, Coach Sharon

Hey Coaches, I'm never sure if I am getting enough sleep....

Thanks for writing, Jim. There is a great book called Why We Sleep...Check it out. Sincerely, Coach Morgan

Coaches, I only like to eat a couple of times per day. Why do I need to eat 5 meals per day...

Jeff, you don't need to eat 5 meals per day but what I find with most people that only eat 2 times per day is that they don't eat enough calories. It is A LOT of food to fit all of your necessary calories from healthy sources into only 2 meals per day. So first determine how many calories you need per day and then go from there. My clients typically eat 4 meals per day. Sincerely, Coach Sharon

I'm so tired after work I just don't want to go to the gym, but everybody tells me I have to. What can I use for more energy...

Carol, this is a great question. First of all there are no magic pills for energy and caffeine is not the answer. You need sleep. We talk about the 5 pillars all of the time. These are the foundation of health and wellness. Sleep, Water, Nutrition, Exercise and Stress Management. I think the best strategy for you is to work on your nutrition first. If you eat healthy then you need less time working out and you might even find that you have more energy in a couple of weeks and can start working out. Sincerely, Coach Morgan

I have heard you girls talk about stress management being important, but I have stressful job and can't avoid stress....

When we talk about stress management we never mean avoiding stress that is impossible. We are telling you to handle your stress. You can't just bottle it up. I like to use yoga to manage my stress. Some people like meditation but I don't because I can't just sit there. Some people run to manage stress. What you use to manage your stress is not important, but you need to find something. Sincerely, Coach Sharon



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