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Affordable Fitness Classes

UNLEASHED Women's Fitness Studio

For Studio Information visit - www.unleashed4women.com

Schedule - Groupon Customers

18 years in Business



Note: We will be accommodating all Groupon clients through Live from UNLEASHED, Streaming Classes

Groupon members: Please read your redemption instructions.

UNLIMITED Yoga Classes - Red Below

UNLIMITED Women's Fitness Classes - Blue Below

Groupon Restrictions: Groupon members you must follow the redemption instructions prior to your first class. Groupon memberships are a live online streaming membership service of unlimited classes. No equipment is necessary just a cell phone.

Mondays and Wednesdays

10:00 am - Step

10:30 am - Weights

10: 45 am - Ballet/Barre

12:00 pm - Yoga - Vinyasa Flow



5:30 pm - Strength & Stretch

6:00 pm - HIIT Cardio

6:30 pm - Yoga - Vinyasa Flow

Tuesdays and Thursdays

10:00 am - Strength & Stretch

10:30 am - HIIT Cardio

10: 45 am - Yoga Fundamentals


5:30 pm - Step

6:00 pm - Ballet/Barre

6:30 pm - Cardio and Weights


Mornings - Flex Personal Training



12:00 pm - Yoga Fundamentals


Saturdays and Sundays

9:30 am - Strength & Stretch

10:00 am - Cardio and Weights

10:30 am - Ballet/Barre

11:00 am - Yoga - Vinyasa Flow

Prices: (These prices are exclusively for Groupon Customers Only, at the end of their Groupon Membership)

$  20 = 1 class

$  75 = Limited Membership

$175 = Unlimited Membership


Online Streaming UNLEASHED Videos - $29.99 (less $5 discount with code)

www.udaya.com/product/unleashed Coupon Code: UNLEASHEDT5


21 Day Weight Loss Challenge - $180 - Lose 1 Dress Size in 21 Days - $50 discount for Groupon Customers

Live Program: 5:30 am - Mon/Wed/Fri       6:45 pm - Mon/Wed/Thurs


Step - 30 minutes of traditional step aerobics. If you do not have an aerobic step at home you can participate on the floor.


Weights - 15 minutes of total body weights focusing on super sets with no breaks to maximize the time spent for ultimate fat burning and toning. You will want to use hand weights for this class you can get them on Amazon.com.

Ballet/Barre - 30 minute traditional ballet Barre class taught incorporating Plie, Releve, Tendu, etc. This class will tone and tighten those legs. No equipment needed. You can use the back of a chair or your kitchen counter top. 

Yoga - We offer both 55 minutes and 1 hour and 15 minute vinyasa flow yoga classes; incorporating breath and movement into your yoga practice. Grab a yoga mat and jump in.

Strength and Stretch - This 30 minute class is a combination of Yoga, Pilates and Strength training on a slanted board using gravity for resistance. If you do not have a board at home you will participate on a yoga mat.

Cardio and Weights - This 30 minute class alternates between cardio and weights in a HIIT format for maximum fat burning and strength training. You can use any cardio equipment you have like a spin bike or a jump rope, or just do jumping jacks and jog in place.

Note: All of our classes are taught for all levels. We teach to the intermediate level and then modify down for beginners and up for more advanced participants. No experience is ever necessary and because our classes are small we cater to the needs and levels of our clients.

Helping Women UNLEASH the Power Within to Achieve Real Results

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